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    110010 - Water Babies

    110010 - Water Babies

    Cost: $25.00 (includes pool pass) - Spring and Fall Sessions
    $25.00 (plus pool pass) - Summer Sessions
    $50.00 (includes pool pass) - Summer Sessions

    Water Babies is a mom & me or adult & me class, designed for participants six months to three years. It is required that an adult accompany the child. In this class, participants will getcomfortable being in the water, entering the water, blowing bubbles, underwater exploration,and floating on front and back (with or without assistance).

    Registration Begins:
    Spring - January 1st
    Summer - May 7th
    Fall - October 1st

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    Read Notice02/12/18- 02/21/18 5:30P- 6:00PM, WAquatic CenterItem Details110010-01Unavailable
    Add to Cart02/26/18- 03/07/18 5:30P- 6:00PM, WAquatic CenterItem Details110010-02Available
    Read Notice06/04/18- 06/07/1811:00A- 11:30AM-ThAquatic CenterItem Details110010-03Unavailable
    Read Notice06/04/18- 06/07/18 6:00P- 6:30PM-ThAquatic CenterItem Details110010-04Unavailable
    Read Notice06/12/18- 06/21/1811:00A- 11:30ATu, ThAquatic CenterItem Details110010-05Unavailable
    Read Notice06/12/18- 06/21/18 6:00P- 6:30PTu, ThAquatic CenterItem Details110010-06Unavailable
    Read Notice06/25/18- 06/28/1811:00A- 11:30AM-ThAquatic CenterItem Details110010-07Unavailable
    Read Notice06/25/18- 06/28/18 6:00P- 6:30PM-ThAquatic CenterItem Details110010-08Unavailable
    Read Notice07/10/18- 07/19/1811:00A- 11:30ATu, ThAquatic CenterItem Details110010-09Unavailable
    Read Notice07/10/18- 07/19/18 6:00P- 6:30PTu, ThAquatic CenterItem Details110010-10Unavailable
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