City of Brenham PARK Central Terms and Refund Policy

In the event that your purchase from us was charged to your credit card in error or without your permission, We will honor your request to cancel the original transaction and refund your payment in full, as long as the request is made within ninety days of the original transaction, and in the case of merchandise, the merchandise is returned.

If your original payment was made by credit card, the period of ninety days will begin from the transaction processing date. We reserve the right to revise this policy at any time.

Terms and Refund policy for Facility Rentals

Activity Registration

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General Activities

Private Swim Lessons


What if I am not happy with the lessons/The instructor/my child's progress?

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Canceled Classes

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  1. All reservation dates are on a first come, first served basis with a minimum two week notice, and are allowed up to a year in advance of the event.
  2. Reservations will not be confirmed until the Rental Agreement is completed, signed, and received by the City of Brenham Parks and Recreation Department and the $100 deposit has been paid at least two weeks before the event.
  3. Rental fees must be paid in full within 3 days prior to the event.
  4. Deposits shall be used by the Parks and Recreation Department to pick up excessive trash, repair, replace or pay for any property damage that occurs by the Renter or by any participant at the event hosted or produced by the Renter. Additional charges may be assessed for property damages. The unused portion of the deposit may be refunded to the Renter after the event. However, the deposit may be held at the discretion of the Parks and Recreation department for any period of time to determine the full extent of damages and to make all repairs, and/or secure replacements.
  5. Refunds of fees and deposits require advance written notice of cancellation at least 2 weeks prior to rental date. No refunds will be given for cancellations occurring less than two weeks from the reserved event. Full or partial refunds may be issued due to rain or inclement weather occurring on the actual date of the event. Refunds will be mailed within 5-7 business days after receiving written notice of the cancellation of the planned event.
  6. Vendor permits, concessions permits, and alcohol permits must be obtained at least 5 days prior to scheduled event. Permits should be on hand at the scheduled event.

General Information/Rules

  1. ABUSE OF POLICIES: The Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to refuse any group the privilege of the using the Dr. Bobbie M Dietrich Amphitheater and other parks and recreation facilities due to the abuse of policies of the facility or City. In addition, any group charged with an occurrence of abuse may be barred from making any further reservation, and any future reservations may be cancelled at the sole discretion of the City.
  2. MISREPRESENTATION: Any misrepresentation as to the nature of the event, the number of attendees expected, contact or payment information, or any other falsification of agreement documents will result in the immediate cancellation of the event and forfeiture of all fees paid, and may also result in further legal action and/or the denial of future permit requests.
  3. LAWS & ORDINANCES: Renter shall comply with all laws, whether federal, state or local, including all ordinances of the City of Brenham and all rules, regulations, and requirements of the Brenham Police Department and Fire Department. All Renters and participants agree to abide by and conform to all rules and regulations that may be adopted by the City from time to time, including any and all changes that might be implemented relating to the amphitheater’s operational hours and use policies.
  4. ACCESS: The amphitheatre is an open-air, unsecured, public facility. The City is not responsible for restricting access during scheduled activities. However, the Renter may charge and collect admission, and may rope off areas to facilitate the collection of admission.
  5. SECURITY: The City will determine required security, including coordination with the City of Brenham Police Department, if necessary, based on the type of event. Renter will bear all costs associated with security.
  6. ELECTRICITY: Electricity (sound and light) is provided at the amphitheater for an additional charge of $25. If electricity is required, power will be turned on for the Renter the day of the scheduled event. Renter is responsible for turning off all lights at the completion of their event. Renter will take all necessary precautions to protect the existing electrical service from overload and damage. Electrical panels may not be modified by any outside electrician. It is the responsibility of the Renter to inspect equipment for compatibility. If the Renter’s equipment is not compatible, the Renter’s equipment must be properly modified. Modifying the City’s electrical panels will result in a fine. Renter is responsible for any and all necessary repairs to the Dr Bobbie M Morrow Memorial Amphitheatre electrical panels as a result of Renter’s modification or misuse.
  7. DEFACEMENT OF FACILITY: No decorative or other materials shall be nailed, tacked, screwed or otherwise physically attached to the Amphitheatre.
  8. CURFEW: All amphitheater activities must end by 11:00pm.
  9. NOISE/SOUND ORDINANCE: Sound levels at the Facility may not exceed the levels established by the City of Brenham Code of Ordinances or State Law. Should sound levels exceed the established level or cause a disturbance, or should the content tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace, the City will request that the volume be lowered or the amplification turned off. Failure to comply with this request may result in fines, arrest, termination of the event, and/or forfeiture of deposit and rental fees.
  10. CLEAN UP: It is the responsibility of the Renter to properly clean the facility immediately after it is used. Any and all supplies and equipment must be removed from the premises prior to departure. Trash must be removed from the stage area, seating area and surrounding ground, and placed into trash cans prior to departure. Failure to properly clean and remove trash will result in loss of deposit.
  11. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: Any event open to the general public requires the Renter to procure and maintain, at its sole cost and expense for the duration of this Rental Agreement, Commercial General Liability insurance in the name of the Renter for limits of not less than $1,000,000 for personal injury, death, or property damage to rented property arising out of any one occurrence. This insurance policy must cover, in addition to the general public, all entertainers, as well as their support staff, and any other individual participating in or attending the event for which the facility is rented. The General Liability insurance shall be written by a carrier with an A:VIII or better rating in accordance with the current A. M. Best Key Rating Guide, and only insurance carriers licensed and admitted to do business in the state of Texas will be accepted. Renter must furnish proof of coverage through a Certificate of Insurance two weeks prior to the event. The City must be named as Additional Insured with a waiver of subrogation.
  12. INDEMNIFICATION: It is agreed that the Renter shall indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the City, its officers, agents, and employees from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, causes of action, suits, and liability of every kind, including all expenses of litigation, court costs, and attorney's fees, for injury to or death of any person or for damage to any property arising out of or in connection with this rental. Such indemnity shall apply regardless of whether the claims, losses, damages, causes of action, suits, or liability arise in whole or in part from the negligence of the City, any other party indemnified hereunder, the Renter, or any third party.
  13. RELEASE: The Renter hereby releases, relinquishes, and discharges the City, its officers, agents, and employees from all claims, demands, and causes of action of every kind and character, including the cost of defense thereof, for any injury to or death of any person and any loss of or damage to any property that is caused by, alleged to be caused by, arising out of, or in connection with the Lessee’s rental. This release shall apply regardless of whether said claims, demands, and causes of action are covered in whole or in part by insurance and regardless of whether such injury, death, loss, or damage was caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the City, any other party released hereunder, the Lessee, or any third party.
  14. DAMAGE TO PERSONAL PROPERTY: The City is not liable for the loss or damage of any goods, equipment, or personal items stored on or used at or around the facility premises.

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Park Facilities and Kitchens

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The responsibility for cleanup rests on the individual renting the facility!

Reservation Regulations

  1. Reservations may be made at PARD offices during office hours of 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.
  2. Reservations will be taken on a first come, first served basis no less than two weeks in advance of event date. Any reservation request made less than two weeks in advance of the event date, may be subject to staff availability.
  3. No Reservation is confirmed unless the Renting Party signs a Rental Agreement and deposit fees are paid.
  4. Reservations may be made up to 12 months in advance for any park facility.
  5. Rental time blocks will include all necessary preparation for and breakdown of the function, including set-up and cleanup, whether by the Renting Party or by caterer, florist, etcetera.
  6. The City reserves the right to cancel any Reservation in the event of unforeseen circumstances and in the public interest. In such an event, notice of cancellation will be given as early as practicable and the deposit and all fees will be promptly refunded.

Fees and Deposits

  1. All fees and deposits are required on all rentals to be paid upon the execution of the Rental Agreement.
  2. Deposits shall be applied towards the cost to repair any damages occurring during the rental period to a Rental Facility and City property included in the Rental Agreement, as well as the cost to remove refuse and litter from the facilities and grounds should the Renting Party fail to do so.
  3. Any damage to the Rental Facility in excess of the Deposit is the personal responsibility of the Renting Party and will be charged directly to the Renting Party and may be deducted from the Deposit.
  4. If notice of cancellation in writing is received more than fourteen (14) days prior to the Rental Date, all Rental Fees and Deposits will be refunded to the Renting Party within 2-4 weeks. Cancellations occurring less than fourteen days from the Rental Date may result in forfeiture of all fees and deposits paid.
  5. The Deposit will be refunded to the Renting Party within 2-4 weeks after the termination of the Rental Period, less any cost of repair or clean up fee.
  6. Facility keys must be returned to the Blue Bell Aquatic Center within 3 days of rental date. There will be a loss of deposit for unreturned keys.

Usage Policy-General

  1. The individual making all preliminary arrangements and signing the rental agreement must be present during all phases of the function including setup, during the function, and breakdown of the event. This individual is responsible for ensuring that guests remain primarily in the space which has been rented for the event.
  2. Fire codes, as imposed by the City of Brenham, must be met at all times.
  3. Decorations may not be tacked, pinned, taped or otherwise affixed to or placed on facility walls, ceilings, windows, furniture, or other property of the City.
  4. No animals will be allowed inside a facility, except those used to assist individuals with disabilities.
  5. Functions that include the serving of alcoholic beverages shall be conducted under the laws of the State of Texas and regulations of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. The Renting Party will be held liable and is responsible for the actions of an intoxicated guest, and the Renting Party shall indemnify and hold the City of Brenham harmless from any and all claims or causes of action resulting from the use of intoxicating beverages at any function.
  6. No glass containers are allowed.
  7. Use of amplified sound equipment will require a noise variance permit to be obtained from the City of Brenham Public Works Department.
  8. It will be responsibility of the renter to clean the facility, turn off the lights and lock facility doors upon completion of rental.
  9. Forfeiture of deposit and loss of privileges to use a facility may result if any usage regulation or policy is violated.
  10. No smoking or use of tobacco products inside rental facilities.

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